rustic gold

Rustic gold is the perfect shade of gold… not too shiny, not too matte! It’s perfect for the woman who wears gold everyday. Dressed up or dressed down, these I.Reiss pieces are a great accessory to any outfit.



anna beck gold large cuff

 The big fall 2013 trend is here…large cuff bracelets for those wrists. One or two cuffs can make anyone go from ordinary to rocker chic in seconds.

Would you wear one cuff or two?


Having just been in Las Vegas at the largest jewelry show, I would LOVE to share an upcoming trend with you…HORIZONTAL STONES!

What do I mean? Well jewelers take stones and turn them sideways to create a unique piece.

Diamonds and MANY other stones are coming out in a new, fashionable, and wearable style! Instead of the ordinary setting we all have been seeing, why not spice it up with a new look?

Well that is what Jade Trau, the newest designer at Craig’s, has done with her jewelry line!

Jade Trau Marq. Halo

Seriously, who wouldn’t wear this ring!? It is GORGEOUS!

Jade Trau Marq. PendantThis necklace is also set the same way for an altered look!

Setting the stone horizontally makes it unique and a piece anyone (and everyone) will remember!


Okay Girls… this trend is very hot right now. Layering necklaces!! It’s such an easy, fun, chic look!anna beck layered necklaces

Don’t be afraid to layer it up! There are 3 different necklaces  in this look. It’s a great way to instantly add the finishing touches to any outfit you wear.

 I like to achieve this look  by playing with different lengths and textures.

honroa girls getting out of cab

You can layer with any type of necklace; whether its gold, silver or pearls… Just like these,  “Honora Girls.”