The Edgy Ear Cuff Statement

Jennifer Lawrence’s Ear Cuff… Surprisingly Edgy

Jennifer Lawrence Ear Cuff

When your not on the Red Carpet…we offer a slightly scaled back version of this look!

Jade Trau Ear Cuff

This ear cuff by Jade Trau is the hottest trend right now. Try Our version which consists of diamonds from small to large going up the ear for a HUGE statement.

Would you ever wear ‘the ear cuff’?



Celebs Stacking Rings

Celebs like Nicole Richie and Taraji P. Henson, along with many others who love to stack their rings! This fun style has blown up the fashion scene this year, and this trend is here to stay!

Want to know how to accomplish this trend:
First, Pick a finger you want to stack the rings on.
Second,  Choose many rings that will stack all together, go for a similar style. Ex: All gold, braided design, or plain.

(Craig’s has GREAT rings to stack)

Here are a few at Craig’s Fine Jewelry that I am loving!!!

stackable lika rings

These Lika Behar 18k gold rings are meant to be stacked. They are thin, all go together perfectly and make any outfit look fashionable.

stacking mazza rings

Want to add a little color in your day, these stack-able Mazza rings will do the trick! These rings come in a variety of stones, you can choose between white or yellow gold. Also if you really want a statement, add diamonds to the ring!

Stackable honora ring

These Honora stacking rings are for the pearl lover! This ring comes in a white pearl and Tahitian for whatever you style may be!

Pearls, Pearls and More Pearls!

Honora 5 strand white freshwater pearl braceletsOkay, so who doesn’t love a strand of stretchy pearl bracelets to make your outfit complete? Because I definitely do!!!

Pearls are a great go to for any occasion and outfit from jeans and a t-shirt to weddings!

Pearls are a staple when it comes to your jewelry box.

(Pictured here – Honora 5 strand white freshwater pearl bracelets, available at Craig’s Fine Jewelry)