TRENDING TUESDAY…Chandelier Earrings!

chandelier earrings

Chandelier Earrings are back and everyone is wearing them! They are chic, feminine and fun! These Anna Beck earrings, that are made in Bali, come in silver or silver with 18 karat gold hand painted on them. The earrings also come in a variety of stones; just like these rose quartz earrings!


Having just been in Las Vegas at the largest jewelry show, I would LOVE to share an upcoming trend with you…HORIZONTAL STONES!

What do I mean? Well jewelers take stones and turn them sideways to create a unique piece.

Diamonds and MANY other stones are coming out in a new, fashionable, and wearable style! Instead of the ordinary setting we all have been seeing, why not spice it up with a new look?

Well that is what Jade Trau, the newest designer at Craig’s, has done with her jewelry line!

Jade Trau Marq. Halo

Seriously, who wouldn’t wear this ring!? It is GORGEOUS!

Jade Trau Marq. PendantThis necklace is also set the same way for an altered look!

Setting the stone horizontally makes it unique and a piece anyone (and everyone) will remember!

Couture Jewelry Show in VEGAS

Billy, Laura and I ( I’m Kimmy by the way) attended the biggest jewelry show in Las Vegas. We got first glimpse at the chicest, most glamourous jewelry to come this year. Here’s a peek…

Couture Show

The Couture bag was a hit with all of the girls at the show. This bag was given to us to put all our paperwork, business cards, and all the other stuff in while looking elegant at the same time. (I even used my bag to bring to the pool!) So many other people were jealous of the bag and always asked…where did you get that!?


Honora had a new fun line of peals for that fashion forward women. Bracelets, necklaces, earrings can all make the set look complete.


Seeing orange, yellow, pink and blues replace the gray wools and navy blues is my favorite time of the year. However, I’m not limited to bright-colors just in spring.  If you walked in my closet you’d be standing inside a sea of neon colors, colored jeans and stand out dresses. No matter what I wear I always make sure there is a pop of color in my outfit. Whether it be a necklace, bracelet or shoes! One of my favorite outfits are when I color block! Nothing screams FUN like a bunch of bright colors!

Unsure of the bright trend…Try a pop of color in a necklace, bracelet, earrings or a fun shoe will stand out but not be to crazy.  You can effortlessly throw them on with any outfit, which will keep you chic with the bright & cheerful color trend!

Mazza Necklaces- COLOR

Pair a Mazza necklace (from Craig’s) with a white tshirt for a simple look with a pop of color. Seeing that I LOVE color I would wear these with a bright colored shirt. For example, a yellow top with the turquoise necklace would be so fun!!!

For Another simple look, you can wear a black or white dress with these turquoise earrings from Anna Beck and everyone will be looking at your ears and asking, where did you get those earrings?!

Anna Beck Turquoise earrings

Now this would be an AWESOME summer outfit…

Pink skirt, orange top (pinterest)

With this outfit, I would throw on either the turquoise Mazza necklace or even the white one (since the outfit is already so much fun!)

Be Mom’s Favorite!

Be Mom’s Favorite with giving her the gift of Craig’s!

Be Moms Favorite

1. Anna Beck sterling silver studs- $95.00

2. Honora Sugar and Spice pearl bracelets- $150.00

3. The Mazza Company turquoise earrings- $415.00

4. Heather B.Moore sterling silver necklace- $1,235.00

5. Heather B. Moore bracelet- $1,000.00

Love you Mom!

Love you Mom!!

Little notes on our windows to the mom’s who walk past on Main Street, Ridgefield!

Heather B. Moore Jewelry is NOW at Craig’s!

Heather B. Moore

The finest personalized jewelry collection, Heather Moore Jewelry,  uses a freehand technique of hand stamping jewelry which allows you to personalize the jewelry to match your lifestyle… signatures, letters, drawings, you name it!  Document your story and remember what shaped it along the way.  The metals Heather B. Moore works with are: sterling silver, yellow, rose, white and green gold. These pieces can be passed down through generations to tell your unique story! Come to Craig’s and start making your own!  CHERISH WHO YOU ARE®.