bezel set ring

The new trend for engagement rings is bezel set.

Bezel settings hold gems securely, and the low, protective profile the setting creates makes this the perfect setting for the people with active lifestyles.

Another great reason to have bezel set…the diamond is the center of attention. There is nothing taking away from the stone at all!

Who wouldn’t want to be staring at their gorgeous diamond all day long?



rustic gold

Rustic gold is the perfect shade of gold… not too shiny, not too matte! It’s perfect for the woman who wears gold everyday. Dressed up or dressed down, these I.Reiss pieces are a great accessory to any outfit.

Fall for Fashion

Fall for Fashion

Even though were not ready, fall is on its way! The fall trend for 2013 are neutrals, forest green (pantone color of the year) and long necklaces. You will see me hanging around Fairfield County in an outfit like these … Continue reading

Couture Jewelry Show in VEGAS

Billy, Laura and I ( I’m Kimmy by the way) attended the biggest jewelry show in Las Vegas. We got first glimpse at the chicest, most glamourous jewelry to come this year. Here’s a peek…

Couture Show

The Couture bag was a hit with all of the girls at the show. This bag was given to us to put all our paperwork, business cards, and all the other stuff in while looking elegant at the same time. (I even used my bag to bring to the pool!) So many other people were jealous of the bag and always asked…where did you get that!?


Honora had a new fun line of peals for that fashion forward women. Bracelets, necklaces, earrings can all make the set look complete.


Seeing orange, yellow, pink and blues replace the gray wools and navy blues is my favorite time of the year. However, I’m not limited to bright-colors just in spring.  If you walked in my closet you’d be standing inside a sea of neon colors, colored jeans and stand out dresses. No matter what I wear I always make sure there is a pop of color in my outfit. Whether it be a necklace, bracelet or shoes! One of my favorite outfits are when I color block! Nothing screams FUN like a bunch of bright colors!

Unsure of the bright trend…Try a pop of color in a necklace, bracelet, earrings or a fun shoe will stand out but not be to crazy.  You can effortlessly throw them on with any outfit, which will keep you chic with the bright & cheerful color trend!

Mazza Necklaces- COLOR

Pair a Mazza necklace (from Craig’s) with a white tshirt for a simple look with a pop of color. Seeing that I LOVE color I would wear these with a bright colored shirt. For example, a yellow top with the turquoise necklace would be so fun!!!

For Another simple look, you can wear a black or white dress with these turquoise earrings from Anna Beck and everyone will be looking at your ears and asking, where did you get those earrings?!

Anna Beck Turquoise earrings

Now this would be an AWESOME summer outfit…

Pink skirt, orange top (pinterest)

With this outfit, I would throw on either the turquoise Mazza necklace or even the white one (since the outfit is already so much fun!)


Okay, so who doesn’t love bracelets? And you can never wear just one, so what would you do? Where them ALL! Nothing is better looking on a wrist than bracelet stacking. I actual took this picture of myself after purchasing this Rimma turquoise bracelet on Friday at Craig’s! It went perfectly with my custom made Tamis yellow gold bangle from Craig’s and my Kate Spade coral enamel bracelet.

(Don’t forget my last Trending Tuesday…Turquoise is the color to wear right now!)

Kimmy bracelets

Rubbing Shoulders in Vegas…

Palladium Alliance International (PAI) hosted a Meet and Greet event, Saturday, June 2, 2012 during the Couture Show, one of the top exhibitions of jewelry designing in the industry. Held in Las Vegas, Nevada, May 31-June 4, 2012, attendance was by invitation only and offered key jewelry retailers and designers from around the country the chance to meet Pamela Anderson, one of the celebrities featured in PAI’s 2011-2012 advertising campaign, “I’m So Over Heavy Metal.”  Marlene Langer, Manager of Craig’s Fine Jewelry, was among the lucky individuals to rub shoulders with the Canadian actress/producer/activist. The Couture Show, held at the Wynn Resort & Casino, attracts 300 Couture retailers annually who seek the latest premier jewelry designs from around the world.

Palladium is a rare and lustrous silvery-white metal that, together with platinum, rhodium, ruthenium, iridium and osmium, form the group of elements known as the platinum group of metals. It is lightweight, durable, naturally white, pure, and sensitive to the skin. It is becoming the luxury metal of choice for a growing number of fashion-forward jewelry designers and savvy consumers. Formed in March 2006, Palladium Alliance International (PAI) is the world’s first organization dedicated to establishing palladium as a luxury metal. To learn more, visit

Diamonds and the Color, Pink… Two of a Girl’s Favorite Things!

I’ll admit it, I love pink… hot pink, pale pink, peachy pink…. any variety will do.  And summer is the perfect time to showcase this color… a sundress, a bathing suit,  a handbag, any piece of clothing will do.  I even love it on my toes and lips!!

What’s my favorite accessory with my pink wardrobe:  Diamonds!!! Honestly, diamonds are my favorite accessory with all my favorites:  black, green, striped or polka-dotted!

How about this gorgeous William Levine Fine Jewels pendant:

Perfect, no?

And, do you think these William Levine earrings are too much?

I didn’t think so either.

Off to face the day… wearing my rosy-colored sunglasses too!


Turquoise: The Stone of the Season

Fundraisers, red carpet events, local boutiques on Main Street, the playground, … wherever we go this season, we can’t stop noticing one accessory:  TURQUOISE JEWELRY.  From fun, whimsical earrings to the statement making necklace, everyone is wearing it… probably even while reading, “Fifty Shades of Grey.”

Last night, at the Award Dinner of the  Council of Fashion Designers of America, we saw it again… turquoise was on the designers… and the stars.  And if the designers are wearing it, you know it’s in style.

Designer Tracy Reese wore these turquoise chandelier earrings.


Designer Nicole Miller also wore turquoise statement earrings.

Want to create your own look with turquoise?  How about these gorgeous Mazza earring from Craig’s Fine Jewelry?

We’ve also got necklaces… who wouldn’t love the turquoise fob by Syna?


Will you be wearing turquoise?  Give us your thoughts.