New At Craig’s…RON HAMI!

Ron Hami Stud Earrings


These 18 karat yellow gold and diamond Ron Hami stud earrings are perfect to wear around town everyday!

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TRENDING TUESDAY…Chandelier Earrings!

chandelier earrings

Chandelier Earrings are back and everyone is wearing them! They are chic, feminine and fun! These Anna Beck earrings, that are made in Bali, come in silver or silver with 18 karat gold hand painted on them. The earrings also come in a variety of stones; just like these rose quartz earrings!

Happy Birthday!

All you September babies out there have Sapphire for your birthstone. This blue hue is a great statement for anyone. Blue is a new neutral so why not wear these earrings everyday?  



sapphire and diamond

Would you wear these earrings?


rustic gold

Rustic gold is the perfect shade of gold… not too shiny, not too matte! It’s perfect for the woman who wears gold everyday. Dressed up or dressed down, these I.Reiss pieces are a great accessory to any outfit.