Having just been in Las Vegas at the largest jewelry show, I would LOVE to share an upcoming trend with you…HORIZONTAL STONES!

What do I mean? Well jewelers take stones and turn them sideways to create a unique piece.

Diamonds and MANY other stones are coming out in a new, fashionable, and wearable style! Instead of the ordinary setting we all have been seeing, why not spice it up with a new look?

Well that is what Jade Trau, the newest designer at Craig’s, has done with her jewelry line!

Jade Trau Marq. Halo

Seriously, who wouldn’t wear this ring!? It is GORGEOUS!

Jade Trau Marq. PendantThis necklace is also set the same way for an altered look!

Setting the stone horizontally makes it unique and a piece anyone (and everyone) will remember!


Simple & Chic!

simple and chic

What’s your casual style? You can find me hanging around Fairfield County in outfit like these simple shorts and tee.

How do I ‘Chic’ it up?  With a wide variety of  bracelets, earrings, and necklaces, Anna Beck makes it fun and easy!!


Okay Girls… this trend is very hot right now. Layering necklaces!! It’s such an easy, fun, chic look!anna beck layered necklaces

Don’t be afraid to layer it up! There are 3 different necklaces  in this look. It’s a great way to instantly add the finishing touches to any outfit you wear.

 I like to achieve this look  by playing with different lengths and textures.

honroa girls getting out of cab

You can layer with any type of necklace; whether its gold, silver or pearls… Just like these,  “Honora Girls.”

Don’t forget Dad!

Father’s Day is coming fast! Time is running out to get the perfect gift for that special guy in your life. Craig’s has some great ideas for your man!

baseball cufflinksFor that man who can’t get enough of baseball, here are some Jan Leslie cufflinks. You’ll hit it out of the park with this gift!

golf ball and tee cufflinksIf that special man in your life is a golfer what better way to show their style than with these Jan Leslie cufflinks? Put him in the “swing” of things with these tee-rrrific cufflinks.

pink and navy cufflinksNow if he’d like something a little more classic, here’s another great pair.



Monograms, Monograms, Monograms are EVERYWHERE! From a tote to your necklace it is the hottest trend right now. This is a classic look that will never go out of style. Girls and women love this style and how easy it is to wear everyday!

And who said this trend is jut for women? Men can have cufflinks monogrammed to be apart of the trend as well.

Monogram cufflinks

Opals, Opals, and more Opals!

The next trend to come in the jewelry world is OPALS! Throughout the entire week at the jewelry show, opals were everywhere! We saw just as many black opals as we did white.
Black Opals look like the earth as seen from space. You can see the vibrant blues and greens.
White Opals have an iridescent and sparkly look to them while still being subtle.
This is the Royal One, a 306 carat black opal!! It is the size of my palm.


I was so nervous that I was going to drop it, I used two hands! It was the most gorgeous blue and green color I have ever seen.

My First JCK Show!

Screen shot 2013-05-28 at 12.25.14 PM

My Dad (Billy) and I took a moment to take a picture of my first jewelry show experience. What better way to kick of a new chapter in life than with my dad! I was SO excited to start and see all the beautiful jewels and learn all the new things in the industry!