Cuff Bracelets… To Wonder Woman or Not!

A recent fashion trend on the Red Carpet is cuff bracelets… but wearing two, one on each wrist, a la Wonder Woman isn’t something we recommend, or even like.   That look is best worn by superheroes, punk rock stars and professional wrestlers!


Sarah Jessica Parker recently wore the two-cuff look at the Met Ball, and Brooklyn Decker wore it to the opening of the new movie, What to Expect When You’re Expecting.  Others in Hollywood seem to be following the trend as well (photo courtesy of People Magazine).


But in our opinion, cuff bracelets are bold, fun and fashionable ~ wearing one can update an old look, add flair to a plain outfit, or simply compliment your other jewelry selections.

So what do Craig’s Girls recommend?

A single, statement-making cuff looks best… have a look at some we adore:

This John Apel cuff is sterling silver and 14 kt rose gold with a large labradorite and complimentary red sapphires and moonstones, and looks gorgeous with jeans, a black dress or your birthday suit!


Not sure you want something this bold (or expensive), they try a cuff by Anna Beck Designs.

This sterling silver with 18 kt yellow gold, hand-painted accents and green chrysoprase are handmade in Bali and reasonably priced.

Another reasonably-priced design house who is designing some great cuffs: Honora!


This sterling silver, black pearl and onyx cuff makes a statement without being too bold.  The single shade compliments all colors and looks.

All bracelets featured are available at Craig’s Fine Jewelry.

Cheers and here’s to seeing single cuffs on the Red Carpet,

Craig’s Girls


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