Wedding Season

With wedding season in full swing, bridal jewelry is getting lots of looks.

But with old standby traditions like matching the bride and groom’s wedding bands, having only a round solitaire engagement ring to choose from, and shopping with no concern for personal style, all out the window, as a consumer it’s sometimes hard to know where to begin.

We suggest Gem Platinum as a great start.

Classic styles like this round three stone by Gem Platinum are sGem Plat round three stonetill tremendously popular, and they’re looking as chic as ever.

The ring shown here has an exaggerated center to side stone ratio, emphasizing the center stone.  Whether the three stones are close to the same size or not is completely a matter of personal preference.

And for the woman  looking for traditional with a twist, fancy cut stones are a great option.  A personal favorite is the oval three stone, the one shown here is also by Gem Platinum.

Gem Plat oval three stone

Since the ring is only slightly different from the round version from which it draws inspiration, brides-to-be don’t have to worry about choosing too trendy an option.  Fancy cut stones like ovals and asschers are here to stay.

For the slightly more adventurous, fancy colored diamonds can funk up your traditional bridal options.

The pink diamond exploded into the scene in 2002 when Ben Affleck proposed to J Lo with a gorgeous six karat rock that was impossible not to notice.JLo pink diamond

heidi-klum yellow

Though the ring was returned when the couple split, the colored diamond craze continues on.

Heidi Klum is still rocking her oval shaped fancy yellow solitaire given by husband, Seal.

Colored diamonds offer the strength and durability you want and expect from diamonds but with the fun, youthful look of color.

Buying tip:

Some cuts work better with colored diamonds than others.  Radiant and princess cuts are particularly popular because of the way these shapes’ facets intensify the color.  And the more saturated the natural color, the more valuable the stone.

Bridal options are infinite, so I think the key is to not forget your personal style in the process.  This is a ring you’re going to be wearing day in and day out, so ya better like looking at it 🙂   Happy shopping, brides!



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